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Babel Obfuscator is a powerful protection tool for the Microsoft .NET Framework
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Babel Obfuscator is a powerful tool that helps you protect .NET assemblies against having their code stolen or reverse engineered. It does that using the typical protection method of obfuscating the code and making it unreadable to people. It also uses encryption-based concealment to make the code inaccessible to disassemblers.

Babel Obfuscator is a very effective tool thanks to the fact that it deals with the MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) compiling instruction set which is omnipresent to .NET languages like C# and Visual Basic .NET. It's also a very feature-rich, powerful and comprehensive tool that puts its user in control over every little aspect of the code protection process. Not only that it supports all the major .NET Framework technologies, but it also comes with features such as XAML and BAML obfuscation, control flow obfuscation, code and string encryption, renaming of symbols and cross assemblies, and many other more. Support for command line operations is also provided.

Despite being so comprehensive, Babel Obfuscator is also pretty intuitive thanks to its self-explanatory interface. It may be a tool meant for specialized, experienced users, but this doesn't mean that being capable of using it requires a degree in quantum physics. A lot of things can be still said about this impressive code protection application, as checking all its functions and features will take entire days, but the essential is that it's a great tool worth every penny. It adds a welcomed additional layer of protection between your code and any thief, and that makes stealing your code if not plain impossible, then at least much more difficult.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports command line operations
  • Well-organized, intuitive interface
  • Impressively feature-rich and comprehensive


  • Quite pricey
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